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“Going off the reservation…” is a phrase bandied about inside the Beltway to connote a person who has strayed from message, or left his/her political ‘lane’, or has gone rogue!

As a politically conservative American Indian- yes, there are a few of us, this expression fits me no matter how you slice it!   American Indians are ‘supposed to be’ liberal democrats- so I have been  screamed at told. Conservatives, for example, should have the view that the social security age should be raised to fix things, I do not.  Oh and no, I do not live on the reservation, although I am a member of a federally recognized tribe- the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota.   I am Hidatsa and Lakota. http://www.mhanation.com/main/history/history_hidatsa.html. My research and service takes me to reservations around the country.

My goal with this Blog is to share my thoughts, entertain, hopefully educate at times, and just add my voice to all things politic.  I am thinking that ‘going off the reservation’ at times may be preferable to sticking to policies that aren’t understood or that don’t make sense-even if you DID understand them.

Of special interest to me are the areas of health, law, health law, aging, education, the nursing profession and America’s First Peoples as each or all intersect with policy and politics!

I have an arguably unique perspective as the first and only American Indian to hold nursing and juris doctorates…in the world? Certainly the country.  I am currently a faculty member at Yale University although I write this strictly from my own beliefs, understanding, and perspective.  I was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow from September 2008- until December 2009 right in the thick of the Health Bill happenings.

I hope to reach all types of audiences!  I am sure we all ‘go off the reservation’ now and then and I would like to take you on that trip with me in this blog.  Welcome and I hope you find something worthwhile here!


One thought on “Welcome and About this Blog

  1. NYA to Hold Traditional Ceremony in Washington, DC, to Honor Veterans

    On Sunday, 13 November 2011, Native Youth Alliance will hold its 16th Annual Pipe Ceremony to Honor Veterans of All Conflicts & Active Duty Personnel at Arlington National Cemetery. We come together at this time to pray for all those who put themselves in harm’s way in defense of the People: the Veterans of all conflicts and all active duty personnel. In 1996 the originator of this pipe ceremony, Dick Baker of the Isleta Pueblo and a Marine Corps Veteran, approached the Spiritual Advisor to NYA (himself an honorably discharged Marine Corps Veteran of the Vietnam era) in a sacred manner and requested that he accept the honor and responsibility of continuing this pipe ceremony. It is conducted each year on the Sunday after Veterans’ Day in Arlington National Cemetery at the site of the Tree of Life and the Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is the only national monument in DC honoring American Indians. NYA welcomes all people of all beliefs to witness this Indigenous Ceremony whose roots pre-date written history. All Pipe Carriers, Eagle Staffs, Color Guards, Veterans and those who wish to participate please RSVP to VeteransCoordinator@NativeYouthAlliance.org. For more information, please see our website at http://www.NativeYouthAlliance.org or call us at 734.323.0762.

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